Friday, March 21, 2014

Family Photo

CAM00736.jpgThis picture is of my family and I visiting my grandma at her house in Dominican Republic. It means a lot to me. It is meaningful because until this day my sisters and I have a hard time looking at the camera and staying still while a picture is taken. As you can see all three of us are looking away because we were distracted by something, what it was? Who knows! Also means a lot to me because these are the four people I love unconditionally.
From left to right in this picture is my mother with my youngest sister Jenipher on her lap, my father with myself and  my sister Silvia on his lap.  My mom is wearing a turquoise shirt with jeans and my father is wearing a gray shirt with jeans. My sisters and I are more dressed for the Dominican Republic tropical weather than they are. I am wearing a bright shirts with orange smiley faces and flowers with plaid shorts which also have flowers on one side.That day my mom let me dress myself, I was so excited to pick my own outfit and that was the outcome.  My mom always liked to match my little sisters because people thought they looked really alike, this explains why they are both wearing overalls.  
We were the main focus of this picture. Next to my parents were a few uncles and aunts but you can’t see anyone other than us.There’s a little background to it which is the walls and the steel bars door. Other than, my family is the main focus of this picture. We had all spent the day running around and playing with Grandma from my dad’s side because soon she would have to depart back to the U.S. She would be leaving us behind again until she came back to Dominican Republic or we came to the United States. My grandmother was the photographer in this case that’s why the picture looks crooked. She had no idea how to even hold the camera.

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