Friday, January 31, 2014

Zoe Adames
I think it's interesting that you chose the same exact pose from two angles! I agree that your eyes really stand out in the first "bird's eye" shot! Other than your smile, wonder what about your body pose/the framing/the photo in the second shot makes you feel like you are less happy in the second picture.

Perspective changes the way I view myself. From different ways the camera faces me, I look like a different person. From the bird's eye view you can clearly see my colored eyes which is hard to see from different angles. Also, I had the same pose in both pictures and you can see the pose better from the Bird's view. The Woman's View makes me look unhappier than I really was taking this picture. My smile looks pretty fake and I look unhappy, I was caught off guard. I still liked this picture so chose it anyways. I think the way my head is tilted, my serious face and my body posture give me this unhappy look. In the Bird's Eye picture I am sitting up straight while in the Woman's View my body looks sort of slumped and more of a tired look.


Zoe Adames

As a class we observed two paintings Olympia by Manet. One was called “Olympia” by Edouard Manet and “Venus of Urbino” by Titian. I will be focusing more on “Venus of Urbino”. This painting is of a nude female. She is laying on what looks to be a wine reddish couch.  The color red often makes us think of loyalty and power. I feel like on the outside world this female would be someone people look up to. She has some grapes in her hand. She has very long and wavy blonde hair with a headband around it. This woman seems to be very relaxed and comfortable laying how she is. She looks as if she has nothing to worry about and is just laying there. The place she is in looks very well kept and fancy which could explain why she is to careless. Since the picture looks fairly would and she has such fancy panels on her walls I would suggest she has some kind of wealth to her. She seems to be an adult but has a really young looking face. She looks like she has taken care of herself to keep a young look.
When I first looked at this image I was quickly drawn to the powerful scene in the back. There are two ladies. One is one her knees  looking into something and the other one is standing over her looking down to her. The lady that is standing looks like she is much older than the one looking down. She looks to be rolling up her sleeves. As soon as I saw that I thought the lady standing is getting ready to give the one leaning over some type of punishment. The lady standing up is wearing a long sleeve white shirt with a red long dress over it. She also has some type of furry rag over her shoulder. As a hairstyle she has a big bun on top of her head. The younger looking one that is on her knees looks to be of darker skin tone. She is wearing a white dress with black shoes.
In the background there is an open window. The view seems to be very calm and peaceful. It looks like she lives in a well respected area. It looks like it has been a  cloudy day or maybe the sun is setting. You can also see some trees in the background and a house plant sitting by the window.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Reading Reflection

Zoe Adames
Professor McKamey
First Year Seminar
23 January 2014

Title: Sexting, Shame and Suicide
Author: Nina Burleigh
REFLECTION: Write about your personal connections to this text. What does it make you think about? How does it relate to you?
    Reading this article was very touching to me. I’m the oldest of three, all girls and the last thing I would hate to happen to them or any female is something like this. I feel like girs in this century want to grow up so fast, not even fully developed yet and they want to be going to parties and sleeping out. This text makes me think so much about my younger self. I remember as a younger teen I always wanted to be out in the “scene”, but I came to a realization that there is a time for everything.
This text also made me think about how  much social networks  are ruining lives.  If it weren’t for Facebook her picture wouldn’t have gotten around as fast as they did. Once it went viral everyone in the  school may have seen it, kids from other schools as well. Anybody who was friends with the person who posted it saw that picture. It is SAD to think that people feel happy making others feel less of themselves. I think If you do not know how to properly use social networks you should not use them.  Once something is posted it is out forever,  deleting it isnt a solution! “What's very clear to me from this Pott case, and other cases around the country, is that for raped or sexually assaulted young girls, it's one thing that people are gossiping about you in school, but when you add images that they can keep forwarding, it really can seem like the whole world knows." Images can’t be taken back especially with all the screenshot applications everyone has on their cellular devices.
This article can relate to me because like this young female Audrie I like going out and having fun. I mean, I’m a teenager of course I want to have fun. However, unlike Aubrie I know my limits. As an underage drinker  I know that I shouldn’t drink and if I do I should drink responsibly. I know it is never okay to take alcohol to the point where I pass out. Not everyone takes that into consideration. People often want to participate in drinking games and lose control of how much alcohol they are actually taking in .

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My name is Zoe Adames. I am 18 years old. I was born to a Dominican family, raised in Dominican Republic. I chose this course because I love pictures and a camera! I take pictures anywhere I can, of myself or just anything that catches my attention.